Lash Growth Cycle Explained – Beauty by C.E.D

Lash Growth Cycle Explained

Our lashes like everything else about us grows in cycles.

Lashes have a 3 step cycle.

  1. The Anagen Phase. This is the most important phase as this is the growth phase, this phase can last up to 6 weeks
  2. The Catagen Phase. This is your transition phase, at this stage your eye lashes have stopped growing but do not shed, if your leashes at this stage get removed via harsh cleaning, too much weight from extensions then the lash cycle is disrupted and it make take longer for your hair to grow back. 
  3. The Telogen Phase. This is the resting phase and is the 3rd and final stage of your lash growth cycle, In this phase the hair is not growing, it will begin to shed and the cycle begins again.

Important to note that each follicle will be on its own cycle, so while lashes shed they do not all shed together and similarly when they are in the Cathgen phase they are not all at this peak length stage together.




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