About Us

Hey Beauties, 

It is so lovely to meet you, if this your first time on this page, Welcome! it is where we want to show you more about us and our business.

The Brand

Beauty by C.E.D was started by a mum and two daughters at their kitchen table in the southwest of Ireland. What started as a conversation while eating dinner at the beginning of 2018 to the launch in late 2019, Beauty by C.E.D was born.

None of us come from a business background but each of us are passionate about beauty and we each have skills that when you combine them make up a great beauty business team.

The vision for Beauty by C.E.D is bold and we look forward to bringing you with us every step of the way.

Why did we launch with Lashes?

At Beauty by C.E.D we all love lashes but we all struggled to find exactly what we wished for in a lash

  1. Created worlds lightest yet fluffiest lash
  2. Tapered silk fibers 
  3. Re usable up to 20 times 
  4. The most comfortable cotton band that works on every eye shape
  5. Completely CRUELTY FREE
  6. Good price point 

Our 2nd product was 100% silk face masks.

The wearing of face masks became mandatory in places like shops, schools, entering restaurants and anywhere you could not obey social distancing rules.

I found the masks on the market irritated my skin, interfered with my breathing and make me feel quiet anxious so we looked at the many options available to us and 100% Silk Masks were the best,

Silk is kind to the skin, it is breathable and it is non irritating. 

Many silk masks on the market are very expensive and while we understand this as it is the finest, kindest fabric to use we knew we had to try harder to bring you Ireland's most affordable, most luxurious Silk Face Mask.

What is next?

You will have to stay tuned..