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Lash Growth Serum Ingredients Explained

Beauty by CED Lash Growth Serum is a revolutionary serum that encourages lash health, strength, length and volume in the most damages hair follicles.

Here we explain so of the key ingredients and how these promote healthy lashes.

Fruit stem cell extracts: These work to keep the hair youthful, it fools it into thinking it is younger than it is and helps with the repairing process.

Advanced polypeptides: Are a type of protein that increase the flexibility in the hair fibers, repair damage to the hair follicle, this complex peptide is also anti bacterial, encourages collagen renewal and this combined with keratin will allow your lashes to grow long, strong and beautiful.

Vitamin E & Vitamin B5: Vitamin E prevents the hair follicle cells from break down and this allows the hair to have an uninterrupted cycle which creates the best results when looking at hair length. We use Vitamin B5 as well and this is a vital vitamin for a healthy hair. It helps strengthening and nourishing hair follicle to promote healthy hair growth and prevent lash loss.

Here are a full list of ingredients 


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